Drinking and Driving Myths You Should Ignore

You would think that the stricter implementation of DUI laws would drastically reduce cases of driving under the influence or DUI. However, a lot of cases are still being filed in court and defended by DUI lawyers, and drunk driving accidents continue to send people...

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Penalties for DUI in Florida, don’t risk it!

Florida’s minimum drinking age is 21 years old and Florida has a zero-tolerance policy for any drivers under 21. Penalties for DUI in Florida are serious, including license suspension, fines, and even prison terms…

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Cost of Addictions

The destructive effects of drug or alcohol addiction eventually damage every aspect of the addict’s life. The repercussions of addiction reverberate throughout the social, familial and vocational areas of the addict’s life, with disastrous consequences.

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What is a Gateway Drug?

A gateway drug is a drug that can lead to the use of other drugs. Alcohol is a gateway drug that leads teens to use of harder drugs.

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How do Drugs affect Driving?

Alcohol is not the only drug that can affect your driving. Many illicit drugs create effects that impair your senses, making it difficult to drive…

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